[@Drake Album Review]
It took me a while, but I finally summed it up.

Drake’s Album is the equivalent to “Summertime Saddness”. Well for me, I can’t help but hear some of his music, IN MY HEAD, on my not so best day. But aside from thoughts being thrown all over and tough beats, this will be the way to that persons heart during the Winter season.

It’s a Winter album, for sure. More so than Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Nightmare”. It’s definitely not better tho. Some songs I refused to get hooked on and some you can’t help but hum the melody in your day to day activity. “Furthest Thing”, “Hold On We’re Going Home”, “Wu-Tang Forever”, “Starte From The Bottom”, “All Me” and “The Motions” can be little reminders of the un-categorized talent. No matter where you go, these songs will play in your head and you WONT forget them. The rest just give you reasons to reminisce about what was and remember why it’s not. #JheneAiko, #Detail, #JayZ, #2Chains, #Sampha and #BigSean all contribute to what #Hot97 calls “The Fall/Cuffing Album”

I understand music is self expression but this is just too much. I’d love to just tell #Drake to get over it and move on. Maybe he should just stop dwelling on chicks in his past. Maybe he should just get something new. In my opinion, I would like to hear #Drake talk about something different. Not even so much about the money and what he can do and how he’s the Business Consultant for the Toronto Raptors. I haven’t the idea yet but #Drake, get over it. Vent in a mixtape. What a trick making people pay to hear his heartache.

SO MY OVERALL RATING IS A 4.3…. The only reason why it’s so high is the beats and the message in the beginning of Pound Cake. I find it interesting that the track with Jay is my fav. Just the beat tho. Hmmm (at đź“ťElectrasExperience.Tumblr.comđź“„)


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