[The Lox: The Trinity EP Review]

There is a difference between #Rap & #HipHop. @RealHolidayStyles, @RealSheekLouch & @TheRealKiss seemed to have channeled getting #NewYorkHipHop it’s proper respect. From the 1st track, to the last, the stories being told create scenes from the early to mid 90s and into the minds of these three as oppose to what was or what seemed to be. Of course we still hear #Styles & #Jada talking about the usual, pushing that weight, getting more money & smoking the best weed & #Sheek is still alongside the two bringing in his own unique style.

“Love me or leave me alone” which was produced by @GrandzMuzik & @BudaDaFuture really hits the nail on the head with females wanting to change a nigga- like they ain’t meet them that way. The instrumentation helps you follow the lyrics & once again, paints the picture for us to see & decipher on our own.

My absolute favorite is “Faded” featuring #TylerWoods. It’s the first track and sets the tone for the rest if the #EP. Tyler’s jazz like sound, deems it #Classic #HipHop.

The rest you’re definitely have to hear for yourself. Four songs is DEFINITELY not enough. You can get the EP on #iTunes for under $4. Now That’s Boss.

#MsElectra #ElectrasExperience #TheLox #TheTrinity #NewEP #StylesP #SheekLouch #Jadakiss #BudaDaFuture #GramzMuzik #NewYork #HipHop (at đź“ťElectrasExperience.Tumblr.comđź“„)


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