[Mixtape Review: @YoungJeezy- #ItsThaWorld Vol. 2]

When I started listening to this mixtape I immediately heard Jeezy on his bullshit. He’s still the #snowman but it now sounds like he has enough ends to, literally, take over the world. Not really what I expected from #Snowman. He has a few #stripclub bangers but not too many catchy repetitive tracks; none worth singing out loud at least. He also bring a large array of features including @PushaT, #CashOut, #Migos, #Rocko, #2#Chainz #Big #K.I.R.T & more. The track I did happen to like was the joint w/ #Pure, #Pusha & K.I.R.T called #DoughBoysCashOut, which focuses on what these artist were known for first; Pushing That White. This mixtape gets πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ 3 flames because I did expect better for the fans from Jeezy. You can be happy & on your bullshit but don’t forget who you making music for. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

#MsElectra #ElectraNetwork #YoungJeezy #Jeezy #ItsThaWorld #MixtapeReview #ItsThaWorldMixtapeReview #Tumblr


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