Giants Vs Packers

It’s that time of year where we begin to separate the little boys from the grown men in the 2017 NFL NFC Wildcard Playoffs.  This year we have the Green Bay Packers and the NEW YORK GIANTS.


9783308-odell-beckham-jr-nfl-new-york-giants-washington-redskins-850x560In the first quarter, the Giants were able to score 3 points with the help of Odell Beckham Jr and Sterling Shepard.  According to SB nation, Beckham happens to be a dynamic play-maker on the field aside from his shirtless days off and his lively energy.  Also during the 1st quarter, the Packers seem to have a problem finding the hole to complete their plays.

A 13 yard completion was made by Packers Randall Cobb but soon after #87, Jordy Nelson got hit after an incomplete pass.  With a 54 yard punt from Green Bay at 10:11 in the second quarter, it’s caught by Dwyane Harris who is able to return it w/ 3 yards.

NY’s Will Tye was able to get in a 51 yard before being taken town by Packers Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.  While at the 28 yard line, NY was able to gain 6 more yards but the magic came when Robbie Gould  made a 40 yard touch down giving the Giants a 6-0 lead.

With 5:14 left on the clock in the 2nd quarter, the Packers must once again punt the ball thanks to Aaron Rodgers. images

Green Bay’s, Blake Martinez was unfortunately injured as they made the 1st down only to be on a return punt by the Giants after a sack by Julius Peppers on Eli Manning.  With 29 yard offense, the Packers are able to make 2nd and goal with 2:50 on the clock.

As Rodgers looks for an opening he sees Adams, and with a 14 yard pass, Green Bay leads by 1 making the score 6-7.  Right before a half time break Aaron Rodgers made a tight 42 yard Hail Mary to Randall Cobb giving the Packers a 8 point lead, 6-14.

After halftime, Green Bay and the Giants seem to just be going back and forth.  Green Bay decides to bring in Christine Michael and he makes his impression with first making a 10 yards and then going for another 4. packers-claim-former-texas-am-rb-christine-michael-off-waivers

But it’s not good enough as the Giants come back with a vengeance trailing behind by 1 point with a 41 yard touch down by Taverres King; 13-14.  Immediately, Aaron Rodgers finds his rib Randall Cobb again for a 30 yard clap back making the score 13-21 in the 3rd quarter.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Rodgers finds Cobb again and makes for a 32 yard field goal; 13-24.  Clearly the Packers came to play!

In the final quarter, and 11 degree weather, the Giants have possession only to punt the ball followed by a flag; illegal blocking with 10 yard penalty.

Again, the Giants and Packers go back and forth and unfortunately Tye Montgomery’s time is cut short after a knew injury.  But in the 4th at 11:31, 3rd and 9 for Green Bay Rodgers looks for his ace Adams for 12 yards on the Giants 23rd.  Will the Giants tap out or will Green Bay take the wild card?

Maybe Rodgers finds Cobb again and goes for the 16 yard touch down making the score 13-31.

In an attempt to try yo come back at 7:03 in the 4th, Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, is sacked by Clay Matthews for a 7 yard loss and ruled as a fumble on the field.  Unfortunately, the possession goes back to Green Bay.

In the thick of the 4th, Aaron Ripkowski of Green Bay goes for the goal baby and puts the Packers at a 25 point lead; 13-38

With that being said and a 2 minute warning issued, the Giants just played to pay and Green Bay will face the Dallas Cowboys!!!

Quick game really.


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