Go Fund The Network

AreYOUInTheNetwork” is our community outreach program under, The Electra Network, LLC.  It is here where we attempt to execute and network with those in our communities for positive productivity and due diligence.

Currently, “AreYOUInTheNetwork,” is raising money to open up it’s self titled after-school mentoring program.

By June of 2018, we plan to have 40 participants, ranging from Grades 5-8 and an estimate of 10 or more hiring positions available!

Participants will need to obtain a membership, of $60 a month, which will cover

  • food & transportation for trips
  • snacks during regular program hours.
  • Investment into organization
  • Program shirts

Permission slips & constant communication will be consistent!

Trips will be based on the current focus.

The first focal point is “production

  • Participants will learn a trade & be assigned various position that go with that trade
  • Math, ELA inclusionary; Creative Writing, leadership, social activity.

The students will also have a goal of showcasing what they’ve learned. A record of their experience will be available for families to have and to hold!

AreYOUInTheNetwork ‘s tentative schedule will be every other Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 3pm-6:30pm

Education is key. Should we be unable to fulfill our initial goal there will however be an increase in students report cards in school. We have a zero tolerance policy for grades going below 79. Action will be taken- TUTORING!!!

We are confident our participants will enjoy their time learning what was done in school in relation to life and their trade!





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